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And naturally enough they vary in price. It is possible to use cheaper grades of plywood in marine construction as long as it is completely sealed with epoxy resin. However epoxies aren't cheap, the extra you spend on epoxy might negate any savings you make on wood. And remember that old saying about the ship being lost for the sake of a nail. Think about finish as well.

It's difficult to get a smooth non grainy finish of softwood ply. Plywood , used properly is a wonderful material for the boat builder. There is a bewildering array of glues on the boat supplies market today. Epoxy systems are superb glues, however, they are not always the most appropriate glue to use in a marine situation and there is an increasing unease about the health and environmental risks involved see below.

Traditional building methods allow for, and sometimes rely on, movement of the wood. Carvel planking for instance will need to swell take up to create a watertight hull.

My own preference for below the waterline is the resorcinol type , two part glue. So, for above the waterline I have found a good quality water resistant Polyurethane glue an excellent choice.

Affiliate links. The corrosion of metal fastenings is complex. It can vary depending on the type of wood it is in contact with and the amount it is exposed to water. However, the usual type of stainless is not suitable for underwater fittings except perhaps for small boats which do not spend much time in the water.

But, they will bleed and corrode, besides they are not easily obtained these days in supplies of good quality. Monel is probably the best material for fastenings in a marine environment but it is expensive and supplies are difficult to obtain.

Before using traditional petrolium based epoxies you should consider the flood of new scientific evidence on adverse effects of BPA. More on Epoxy Resins. With the increasing popularity of DIY boat building techniques such as 'stitch and glue' and 'strip planking' supplies of several epoxy systems are now available to the amateur builder.

Before embarking on a large project it is worth making sure that you are not allergic Wooden Boat Building Kits Game to epoxies. And read and take notice of the safety precautions on the packet. Resins come in differing viscosities, depending on whether you are using them for a thin, even coat of epoxy over wood or for a thicker application. However, there are many types of filler available for thickening and for making fillets and general filling. Acetone can be used as a good degreaser and cleaner but it is very volatile, flammable, and not always easily obtained.

Some systems can be bought as a starter pack containing all those essential extras such as mixing sticks. Glass matting, tape Wooden Boat Building Courses Uk App and fabric is available in varying sizes and types of differing applications. You will also need rollers, brushes, gloves, copper wire, pots for mixing, mixing sticks and applicators. Which Paint to use and how to get a good finish. However, these will, depending on how much time the boat spends in the water, need to be repainted more often.

The secret of a good finish be it varnish or paint is in the preparation. Bare wood should be primed and then several coats of a good quality marine undercoat applied, sanding between coats.

How much you are willing to spend on the quality of the top coat will depend on how often you are Wooden Model Ship Building Supplies Yahoo prepared to repaint. Bottom paint or anti foul paint is applied to keep algae and barnacles from growing on the boat hull. There are numerous sealants and caulking compounds available in the boat supplies market. Most of the common Silicone sealants won't cure under paint or water and they're not intended or suitable for use below the waterline.

However, they are perfect for sealing around edges such as port lights, deck hardware and other topside applications. If you are planning to use traditional putty for caulking, you will also need those unusual substances such as red led powder and caulking cotton. These will remains durable and flexible, after immersion to absorb expansion and contraction of planks. The mating surfaces between bolted wood joints must be bedded, preferably with a compound which allows for easy removal and is flexible.

Bedding Hardware. While I must admit to being cavalier about work safety it is in your own interests to invest in appropriate protective clothing.

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