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Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. After having the boat for 4 months I started to see major signs something not feeling right so I did a little digging on my brand new grizzly and started finding rivets had no idea where they were coming from searched tracker boats grizzly kit.

Got on the pc and searched. Found. They are located inside the hull a few yeah okay but like 50 of them oh my! Then I noticed the transom tracker boats grizzly kit the boat motor welds were breaking so I called bass pro, got the warranty thing rolling, come to find out they canceled my warranty on day one when I bought the boat using it commercially when they bass pro and tractor boats said this boat would be perfect for guiding!

I got snaked! I did a claim once before with bass pro tracker boats grizzly kit they fixed it the next day. I feel used and I will let everyone know never to buy tracker boats grizzly kit tractor boat because they use rivets inside the hull made by a factory never touches water or inspection by a pro if it was they never sell one and space foam that collects water all welds tracker boats grizzly kit and you will be spending thousands on repairs over 5 years.

I know, I personally know the welder for the warranty department. I am coming for tractor boats. Bought a new Tracker PGV16WT, put in the drain plug, launched the boat and tracker boats grizzly kit 10 minutes started to lose control, looked back and water was coming out the deck drains and completely filling the bilge.

Turned on the bilge and beached the tracker boats grizzly kit before it sank. Took it to the tracker dealer who told me tracker boats grizzly kit live well drain hose had not been connected at the factory. Had to remove the front top deck to reattach the hose. Bought the boat at Cabelas in Glendale, Tracker boats grizzly kit who certified all components worked in writing. Took the boat to a Tracker boats grizzly kit dealer in Lake Havasu and tracker boats grizzly kit took almost tracker boats grizzly kit weeks to get a response from the factory.

Needless to say this incident could have resulted in the loss of life. Still contemplating whether to file a lawsuit for gross negligence. Get buying tips about Boat Brands delivered to your inbox. Performance - Mercury 25 Hp short shaft engine with a Solaris stainless prop 11 pitch.

Lift very slow with 1 person and 2 it will not go on plane at all. Did switch to a 10 pitch and it is running a little better. Speed avg 22 to 24 mph. I think the boat transom very awkward size and probably do better with a long shaft and Jackplate.

Only thing that makes this boat shine is under front deck storage. It has a lot of storage for a 14ft boat. Problem - Rear Trailer lights both replaced under warranty due to water in. First one leaked fairly soon replaced Feb 1, The other one a few months later. Paint Chipping and bubbles in paint.

Noticed it was getting worse where paint in the rear was chipping bad. They could not even inspect the boat until Nov After many calls to the dealer, stopping by dealer, and emailing Tracker Marine they finally agree to fix it Nov 10, Waiting to see the outcome.

A major hull problem with my new TXW. Factory defective! Leaks profusely. Tracker had the boat for 7 months. No better. They won't replace the hull.

They don't care! Lousy warranty, lousy product. I have a Tracker that I bought off the showroom floor. After having the boat about 1 year both welds at the transom cracked. Sent back to dealer for repairs. My boat was gone for nearly 5 months with little or no communication. After getting the boat back the carpet is bubbling up, screws missing from fold down seat, and water in console light which does not work.

So, when I reached out to them it on me to take it back to the dealer. And once again be without a boat due to poor customer service. I don't recommend dealing with Tracker. Horrible customer service. I tried to tracker boats grizzly kit it in on a new Nitro to try and make things right.

They offer way below market value. I have been a long time customer of Bass Pro and affiliate's. Lost a good consumer. Been in the shop twice for a total of 6 weeks, can't find the issue. Won't bump me to the top of Reviews On Tracker Grizzly Boats the list indicating they are 6 weeks out on service. This is not service. I want a product that works!! I have purchased a Tracker Targa WT brand tracker boats grizzly kit. I picked the boat up on and had it in the shop on June at a different dealership from where I had purchased the boat.

The boat leaked water, gas gauge did not work, the boat cavitates, a seat pedestal pipe was stuck in the pedestal in the housing on the floor, the electric trolling motor batteries would not charge with the factory to bank on board charging. The warranty covered it all. Just picked the boat back up on July 10so the Welded Aluminum Hull Boats Kit boat was at the shop for a month and 2 days and now the trailer brakes chatter when applying brakes. I would not recommend a Tracker boat to.

Nothing is cheap anymore these days, but the price that is paid for a Track boat is way too much, for the quality of the boat. Purchased Boat and requested warranty work to fix a door hinge, damaged carpet, and replace a cigarette lighter missing a cap and Bass Pro Denver Service department ordered parts.

I took boat on June 4th to the lake and parts started falling off the boat and trailer. June 27th both carpet pads on trailer fenders fell off due to striped self tapping screws, trailer wench loosed and slide forward, side trailer guide needed to be tightened, and a trailer bunker lag bolt fell out and others needed tightened.

Inspected trailer hubs before trip and found a cracked grease seal that needed replaced. More crown bolts and washers on floor. On inspection, nuts came from driver and passenger fiberglass panels which holding the windows. Two crown nuts out of 3 bolts on each side fell off and had to be found inside the boat side panel. Third trip, caught fish, live wells did not work correctly and Bass Pro Service Department indicated parts from factory were missing to drain live wells.

Picked up for July 4th trip to lake, noticed all floor bolts and seat mounts were loose and needed tightening. Today is July 10th, parts still not arrived from May so I took boat for the weekend. Noticed keel access panel was removed and placed on deck carpet, luckily I did not loose it driving home. At home preparing boat for trip to lake, I noticed both screen filters that reside above the tracker boats grizzly kit plug on keel Bass Tracker Fishing Boats 300 had been taken off and were missing.

Nothing but problems from factory, service, and parts department!! I do not recommend Tracker Boats! They Do Not stand by their product. Brand new pro guide v wt. They warranted it and supposedly repainted the whole transom. Call dealer called Tracker and both said, "Oh well sorry for tracker boats grizzly kit luck.

Bought a brand new Tracker pontoon boat. Had it for a month and a half and had the lower unit tracker boats grizzly kit out, thank god it was under warranty. Then had the seat mechanism break a month later. I will never buy a tracker. I'm still screwed because I can't sell it for what I owe so I'm stuck with a pos. Founded by Johnny Morris, the tracker boats grizzly kit man who founded Bass Pro Shops, tracker boats grizzly kitTracker Marine made boating history when he brought the first fully rigged boat, motor and trailer to the boating market.

Today, Tracker Marine Group owns several boat brands that make a large variety of boats, including fishing tracker boats grizzly kit, recreational and fishing kayaks and luxury pontoons.

Easy to buy: Consumers can shop for and buy their boat online.


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The TRACKER� GRIZZLY� CC is a massive, all-welded aluminum jon with the capability you need to tackle the biggest inland or inshore fishing, hunting or utility jobs. The center-console Build And Price Tracker Boats Jp design offers � fishability and a better view for the driver when navigating skinny water. The all-welded TRACKER� GRIZZLY� Jon is a tough and highly versatile aluminum jon boat ready to be outfitted for fishing, hunting or general-purpose boating. The unitized stringer, transom and hull give you a rock-solid boat with a smooth, drier ride. The TRACKER� GRIZZLY� CC Sportsman is an amazing bowfishing boat. The removable, elevated deck positions you higher for more accurate targeting with a bow, as well as less deflection for your arrow. Eight super-bright LEDs illuminate your quarry with 40, lumens.

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