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New posts. Search forums. Your purchases. Log in. Welcome to Jetboaters. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Building my own jet boat. Ricardo van Oudenhoven Jet Boat Lover.

Hi, I am 14 years old and live in Holland, I just became homemade mini jet boat build for sale member of Jetboaters. I am planning on making a jet boat from scratch, something similar to a jet dinghy or a jon boat. This would be the first boat I make, I have had 2 small fishing boats before, one of polyester and now one of aluminium, both under 5 meters.

I would like to build the boat out of aluminium. I am Build A Boat For Treasure Jet Ski Of not planning on fishing with the boat much, as the boat I have is Build A Boat For Treasure Jet Ski Pdf ideal for fishing. I was wondering, What are some thing I should keep in mind when building the boat? Where should I start? Should I start with the engine or with the boat? What type of engine could I use instead of an engine designed for jet boats?

Preferably something not homemade mini jet boat build for sale expensive. Could a motorcycle engine work? How boat excursions palma mallorca quest should the engine be? I was thinking something around 50 hp. Should I make a jon boat or more homemade mini jet boat build for sale like homemade mini jet boat build for sale jet dinghy?

What can I expect of the final cost of everything together? If anyone has any suggestions please share. Thanks in advance, Ricardo. Last edited: Feb 14, Hello Ricardo and welcome to Jetboaters! Let me boat excursions palma mallorca quest say that if you add your location in your profile, it will boat excursions palma mallorca quest your location on the member map, but more importantly, it will be in your profile that shows on each screen, and seen by anyone reading your posts, and gives an idea of how you might boat, what waters you boat in.

You may be our first member from Holland! Most of the membership here comes from the Yamaha Jetbiat line, but we have membership from the former seadoo boats and now chaparral and scarab homemade mini jet boat build for sale. These are all production boats.

We have had a few members that had build projects or restoration conversions discuss plans in the past. I don't remember anyone actually finishing one of these projects or posting about completion. You will find that use of jet propulsion is critical to any given boat. And that the design of engine to pump needs to match the boat. By match, I mean that intake is critical as is pump output. Matching an engine to a pump will depend on either finding parts that will mate them or fabricating parts to mate them will be necessary.

Costs generally dictate the boat excursions palma mallorca quest of engine pump combos that were designed to work. Depending on the performance your seeking, 50hp may not be enough but for a bare bones aluminum boat, it may be.

We have a guy in the forum that loves speed mods and had some pretty good ideas on the dynamics of what it takes to drive a boat. Speedling He may have plenty of ideas. As I said, intake and outflow are very important or you may just be building a water gun and not a propulsion. Once again, welcome aboard, good luck with the project, and keep us posted on your plans and progress! Ricardo van Oudenhoven said:. Speedling Jetboaters Admiral.

Awesome idea kid! I have started some plans but nothing as boat excursions palma mallorca quest as you have planned. Let me get home from church and I can write. Bruce Jetboaters Fleet Admiral Staff member. Sounds like a fun project. I am going to move homemade mini jet boat build for sale thread to General Discussion where it will get more attention. I think I would start with a Jet Ski as it has all of the parts that you would need for propulsion.

Wayloncle Jetboaters Captain. Speedling said:. Welcome aboard! I actually have seen someone finish one of these projects. They took an aluminum jon boat and a donor Polaris engine and pump from an old ski. The easiest way to do this project would be to get a donor engine and pump from a wrecked ski. I do have some pics from when the project was going on I just sent him a message asking if he had any finished pics as I know he has since finished it.

Great idea for a project! And Build A Boat For Treasure Easter Jetpack Windows I think that robert 's photos are great. Only thing is that welding the aluminium would give me fits. But I like how they put the angled parts on the bottom to fit the angles of the donor boat. Good idea. Needs a bigger gas tank Oh, wait. That is for my twin engines Welcome Ricardo van Oudenhoven! Keep us posted on the progress. If anyone has anything else to add please.

First of all, yes, find yourself a pump. Usually a wrecked ski can be found by looking online and. I see old waverunners on auction sites but I'd go check out copart site because it is insurance stuff and I have seen the skis with hp engines go for just a few hundred bucks because they are cracked. Once you have that you need to determine the use of the boat.

If you get a hp engine and pump with it you will probably be building a planing boat so there is a bit of planning involved. I found this online, I was planning on following this but making the bottom flat, kind of like the picture shared by robert What do you guys think? Would this be a smart choice? I believe it's only boat excursions palma mallorca quest hp.

Or would it be better if I find a complete jet ski? That boat you posted your own design? If it is, that's excellent! A few pointers from a jet boat perspective however, if I may First, if you look at your drawing you have essentially a triangle section on the .

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