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Classic Sailboat Designs - Artisan Boatworks

Our 50 years of boat building experience has included wooden and non-wooden boats built using traditional and contemporary classic sailboat plans co. ltd. We'll approach the restoration and repair of your much loved year old boat compassionately.

Equally, b rand new boats are constructed to achieve the best racing performance with an eye for elegance. Contact us to discuss your project. When we're not building boats, we're busy building other things of wood. Like the boats, they are built to be things of beauty and quality, however they are rarely classic sailboat plans co.

ltd 'one design'. Our workshop can accomodate projects as large as 40'. One of our smaller works was the miniature rowing boat measuring less than 6' right. This beautiful rowing boat was built for a child to get the feel of rowing. Projects big or small are welcomed and regarded with equal importance.

Classic Sailboats Ltd. Swing and Other Things. Wooden Pendulum Clock. Self Builds. Morris Minor Pick-up. Contact Us. Croeso i wefan Classic Sailboats Ltd. Welcome to Classic Sailboats Ltd. Trearddur Bay Myth One Design. Seabird Half Rater.

Wood Rot Repair and Treatment Wood rot in wooden boats, how to treat, repair and replace rotten timbers in a wooden boat. Mystic Shipyard, Inc. Graefin 10 I built this boat back in the '70s, and was generally pleased with it. Barrelback Custom 19'. Ring Nails for Marine Fastening. Contact us for details.


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Classic Sailboat Plans Co. Ltd