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Some destinations are just meant to be explored by boat. Small-boat journeys provide an intimate view of such destinations, offering access to under-the-radar communities and places where there are few, if any roads. Such trips often include being treated to an up-close view of nature and wildlife, as well as exposure to the rhythms of everyday life that would otherwise be missed. And perhaps most importantly, many boat trips also offer a level of adventure that tour buses and big cruises just can't provide.

Note: Prices and availability are subject to change. Get up close to orcas, seals, and more while kayaking amid the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington. Outdoor Odysseys Kayak Tours of the area have been featured in numerous publications.

The company's four-day inter-island kayak camping itinerary takes participants to remote and uninhabited islands, and include paddling through prime orca watching areas, as well as hiking to explore the various islands. In between it all, there will be three-course dinners customized by your tour guide and chef and camping on both Stuart and Jones islands. A stunning and widely photographed body of water in northeast Vietnam, Halong Bay is known for its striking and towering limestone islands that rise up out of the water.

Among the most memorable and popular ways to explore this bay is by junk boat tour or sea kayak expeditions. The experience includes passing through the extraordinary shaped islets, as well as stopping at fishing villages to visit with local families, explore fish farms and schools, and a chance to chat with local fishermen.

One of the world's longest rivers, the Amazon offers endless opportunities for one-of-a-kind adventure. Viare Travel offers a unique five-day itinerary in northern Brazil that explores the flora and fauna of the river, while also exposing participants to the cuisine of the northern Brazilian state of Para.

The trip, which takes place on a yacht-style boat, includes visiting communities that have existed in the region for centuries and even an indigenous warrior community far off the beaten path. For many reasons, traveling by boat is the best way to experience the Galapagos. For one, it's a far more environmentally friendly approach.

By not staying on the islands themselves, your visit won't have as much impact on the fragile environment. In addition, there are some remote places in the Galapagos that only boats can reach. Adventure Life's five-day boat rides for cheap queue trip includes hiking, swimming, snorkeling, and venturing to Pitt Point, likely the only site where the Galapagos' three species of booby birds can be seen. Additional highlights include viewing colonies of sea lions and hiking to a lagoon that's home to one of the largest flamingo populations on the islands.

Explore backwater canals in Kerala in southwest India on a thatched roof houseboatvisiting places other boats don't go. Passing through an area that is largely unvisited and unspoiled, the highlights will include paddy fields, farming villages, year-old churches, bird sanctuaries, and.

Karma Karala cruise options include luxury houseboats, eco-friendly houseboats and standard houseboats. Traveling by barge through the French countryside is yet another unforgettable experience. Sail along France's Seine and Loing rivers, while notching up the adventure slightly by including days spent exploring the countryside by bicycle.

Each morning, participants set out on bikes through the farmlands, forests, and fields of France. Along the way, there are medieval towns and local museums to see.

Come afternoon, you rendezvous with boat rides for cheap queue barge again, a compact vessel designed to navigate the smaller locks and canals of French waterways. The barges feature cabins below deck, and on upper decks are a salon, lounge, bar, and sun deck. Known for its towering waterfalls, deep blue fjords, and snow-capped mountains, the fjord region in western Norway is always breathtaking. And on occasion, visitors even spot porpoises playing in the fjord.

There's nothing quite like exploring the Mediterranean on a wooden gulet, spending days sailing the stunning turquoise waters, spying ancient underwater ruins, visiting boat rides for cheap queue islands, and dropping anchor in secluded bays.

Additional itinerary highlights for these fascinating journeys include touring ancient cities and rock tombs, and soaking in sulfurous mud baths. Sailing around the Greek Islands is a travel experience of a lifetimebetween the Mediterranean waters, the stunning whitewashed towns, boat rides for cheap queue ancient ruins everywhere you turn.

And then there's the food -- fresh-caught fish, Greek olives, feta cheese The adventure-travel company Intrepid offers a day boat trip that begins and ends at one of the most famous Greek Islands, Santorini, and takes a maximum of 11 travelers on boat rides for cheap queue yacht to island hop through the Cyclades, stopping at Amorgos, Noxos, Syros, and. There'll also be plenty of time to swim off the side of the boat and feast on fresh seafood at sleepy waterfront tavernas.

One could spend years discovering the Amazon's lengths as it winds its way through various boat rides for cheap queue. A unique option from Adventure Life is the company's five-day river journey on the Ecuadorian Amazon, which takes in remote villages and unique, untamed biodiversity. The trip, which takes a maximum of 30 people, includes visiting Yasuni National Boat rides for cheap queue and perhaps most interestingly, scouting for the legendary pink river dolphin.

You might also spot black caimans, anacondas, river turtles, and various species of monkey along the way. There will also be a boat rides for cheap queue to Laguna Panacocha also known as Piranha Lake to look for the infamous fish. Sail Canada's western fjords searching for the rare white spirit bear on the historic ship Maple Leaf, a schooner constructed in After boat rides for cheap queue in Bella Bella, British Columbia, you'll explore the wild and remote regions of the province's central coast.

During the fall, boat rides for cheap queue return of salmon provides an opportunity to witness a feeding frenzy. Whales, marine mammals, marine birds, bears, and more all gather to feast on the plentiful boat rides for cheap queue. If you're lucky, you may also observe a mother grizzly teaching her cub to catch salmon. For the truly bravest of adventurers, Horizon Charters offers five-day, all inclusive shark cage diving excursions.

The experience has been featured on the Discovery Channel's Shark Week. The company has been hosting the trips for 18 years and guarantees sightings, and if there are boat rides for cheap queue sightings, you get a free trip.

It's not every traveler who makes it all the way to Tasmania. And far fewer experience boating in the Tasmanian Islands along the spectacular coastline between Port Arthur and Eaglehawk Neck in southern Tasmania.

This three-hour experience includes traveling beneath the highest vertical cliffs in the Southern Hemisphere, exploring waterfalls, rock formations, archways, and deep-sea caves. Along the way you'll boat rides for cheap queue see hundreds of seals, migrating whales, thousands of sea birds, and pods of dolphins. Milford Sound is located within Fiordland National Park and is known for its combination of mountain-peaks, inky-dark waters, and dramatic cliffs covered in forest.

It's a place that for centuries could be visited only on foot or by boat. The Mekong has been the lifeblood of Southeast Asia for millennia.

The tour company Journeys Within offers an Ultimate Mekong experience, an adventure that begins in China, ends in Vietnam and also includes Burma, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia, allowing participants to witness authentic rituals of daily life on the river. The over-the-top night experience showcases history, culture, and food, and includes riding on everything from a foot cruise boat to a long-tail boat.

Want to do it cheaper? Opt for a shorter itinerary that doesn't cover as many countries. The Chobe Princess ships operated by the Zambezi Queen Collection have just four to five cabins per ship, making the trip feel like a private African journey.

The two- to three-day itineraries can be customized to your interests and desires to include stopping to search for big game, exploring villages on the Namibian side of the river, boat rides for cheap queue watching, or a taking walking tour to a 2,year-old baobab tree.

Think of this trip as a mile journey of a lifetime on the world's most famous river. The four-day Navigate the Nile experience offered by Kayak the Nile showcases the best that this famed river has to offer, including visiting its source.

Guided by an instructor for the whole trip, participants do not need to be expert kayakers. Each day will conclude at a lodge or campsite. Cheapism may earn a commission if you buy through a link on our site.

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