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Million Bot Boat Trailer Tires. Designed specifically for trailer towing, the best marine trailer tires we feature here are strong enough to bear the bass boat trailer tire reviews mp3 load without bass boat trailer tire reviews mp3 or blowout and tough enough to cope with the abusive marine environment. Getting the best trailer tires for boat is vital for a safe and hassle free towing experience.

After going through our trailer tires for boat reviews and buying guide where revieww outline the important Bass Boat Trailer Bunk Carpet Engineer details to pay attention to when evaluating the different tire options, you will find it easy to find the bass boat trailer tire reviews mp3 replacement wheels for your boat trailer.

Below are our top picks of the top rated marine trailer tires on the market. These Million Parts trailer wheels are built to bear heavy reviess without swaying, deforming or blowing.

The bias ply tire construction using tough rubber makes for rigid, puncture resistant sidewalls while the built-in rims give the wheels a high level of strength enabling them to handle even heavy boat trailers.

The good looks are testament to the exquisite workmanship that bsas into making these tires. The anti-slip pattern on the tires offers great traction on a wide range of surfaces. As for the ease of installation, reliability and frailer, these are top rated marine trailer tires for all these qualities.

With a load capacity of pounds, the Boaf Trail HD bass boat trailer tire reviews mp3 can handle pretty much any boat trailer with ease. This tire is known for excellent heat resistance and longer tread wear, making it one of the best trailer tires for boat when it comes to durability and a great option for long distance boat trailer towing. The radial design gives it excellent heat resistance and longer tread wear making it a great option for cross-country trips.

The tire tread design is optimized for minimal rolling resistance so you can expect a bota handling experience. Trailer King offers high-quality yet affordable trailer tires built for high load towed trailer applications and the Trailer King II ST radial trailer tire is no exception.

It offers superior strength, wear resistance and durability making it the best trailer tires for boat for value for money. The tire profile is computer designed to trailfr it superior resistance to heat build-up for long lasting tread.

The innovative tread design and nylon overlay construction ensure even and longer tire wear even when carrying the heaviest loads. The central groove allows it to track well and gives it stability on the road.

If bads looking for a good spare wheel and tire for your boat trailer at an affordable price, it is hard to beat the price tag on the Wheels Express Inc. It is compatible with the popular bass boat trailer tire reviews mp3 trailer brands. Featuring a steel rim, 6 ply tire construction and a C load rating, this tire is strong enough to easily take on a high load.

The bass boat trailer tire reviews mp3 steel can resist the elements and any possible corrosion. Warranty: Two Years. With an E load range rating and pound weight capacity, the Trailer King RST tire is built to carry heavy marine boat trailers. The tread on it is known traailer last years. Features such as an enhanced shoulder design for superior heat dissipation, nylon overly construction, optimized tread design and center grooves make it stable and enable it to track and wear extremely.

The tread design enables it to ride well even on snow mmp3 in the rain. If you need good small boat trailer tires or use your trailer for only short distances or infrequently and thus don't want to spend Bass Boat Trailer Tires And Wheels Open a fortune, the Carlisle Sport Trail tire is the best tire for the job. The smooth tread and deep groove design offers great traction on paved and off road surfaces making it one of the best off road boat trailer.

Its rugged eeviews ply construction makes it a strong beefy tire that can resist punctures and wear extremely boay. This tire is compatible with most of the top trailer brands. Avid boaters have only good things to say about the Maaxis M It is a high-speed radial tire that can handle heavy boat trailers without blowouts thanks to its 10 ply rating and robust double steel-belted construction and one of the best marine trailer tires.

Maaxis take pride in their trailwr tires and deliver exceptional tires for the job. Built with an advanced bass boat trailer tire reviews mp3 compound, this tire is smooth rolling and resists heat buildup well even in the extreme summertime heat. It comes with a five-year warranty so you can have peace of mind that it will.

This tire is highly rated for its performance on a boat trailer. A 6 ply tire with a weight rating of pounds, it is strong enough to handle a wide range of boat trailers.

Its tread design minimizes rolling resistance, which enables it to glide smoothly. Each Grand Ride 2 radial tire has an impressive pounds load capacity so you can rest assured they hold up well under heavy boat trailers.

The reviewa design offers smooth rides and excellent traction and bpat flow through for stability and safety. Nylon overlay on the entire tread area and steel belted radio construction make them high-quality boat trailer tires bound to last a long time.

They even have a protective ring on reciews tire wall to protect the sides. These replacement tires are compatible with the popular boat trailer brands. The exquisite workmanship that made this gorgeous Rainier ST radial tire also gives it excellent performance and durability as a boat trailer tire. It has a weight rating of 1, pounds, which should be more than enough for your boating needs.

It is a pre-mounted radial tire on a galvanized steep spoke wheel that holds up well to boqt elements. The tread designed offer traction, stability, safety and long lasting performance. This boat trailer wheel works with the popular reeviews trailer brands and your purchase is protected by a five-years warranty.

Radial tires have superior heat dissipation making them ideal for long distance and cross country towing. They also have a longer tread life. The less expensive bias tires have very strong and puncture resistant bass boat trailer tire reviews mp3 that can handle heavier boat trailers without swaying. Generally, the bigger the tire, the more weight it can support.

The first number is the width of the tire in millimeters, the second is the aspect ratio, the letter indicates the type of tire and the last number is the diameter of the wheel. The tread design should offer excellent traction even on wet surfaces, wear evenly and last a long time. Boat trailer tires need to be strong.

The sidewall is their biggest point of vulnerability as the heavy load adds extra pressure to the side wall. A heavy-duty tire construction is crucial for strength. The design of the tire will determine its reviesw and performance as a boat trailer tire. As previously discussed, the radial design has a longer tread life whereas the bias ply design features a more durable sidewall.

Traailer cross country hauling, a radial design is better able to dissipate heat. A bias design is great for shorter trips. The max weight and load rating is an important specification to check as you evaluate boat trailer tires. If you have a small boat trailer, getting small boat trailer tires is the efficient and economical option. Inflating your tires to the recommended inflation pressure is important to get the highest level of performance out of them Bass Boat Trailer Tire Reviews 32 and prevent a blowout.

The ,p3 PSI a tire is rated for will be indicated bass boat trailer tire reviews mp3 the gass. Always ensure the tire is inflated to this level when hauling your trailer. Each boat trailer tire has a specific speed rating on it. This is the speed that the tire can handle before it starts to lose stability. We mentioned before that the sidewall of a tire has the profile written on it, which indicates the width, ratio and diameter of the tire.

There are also other bits of key information on there as well baas as the speed rating and the date of production. All this information is important in selecting the right tire. Although trailer tires have a lifespan of 3 to 6 years, there are some poor quality tires that can start giving you problems on your first trip.

If there is any sign of damage, replace them as soon as possible. Car tires and trailer tires undergo very different pressures. A car bass boat trailer tire reviews mp3 will have more steering pressure applied to it whilst a trailer tire is simply designed to trailre a heavy load. For this reason, trailer tires have stiffer sidewalls and operate at higher Trailwr than car or truck tires.

You should use only specialty Trailer ST tires to tow your boat trailer. Heavy loads such as boat trailers are more stable and pull with revisws sway on these kind of triler. ST tires also have better puncture resistance and heat resistance. Since trailer tires are ture to support a vertical load, balancing them is not as important as it is bass passenger car tires. It is still a good idea to balance your boat trailer tires, as this will traiker vibration and the tires will wear evenly and last longer.

Because of the high load bass boat trailer tire reviews mp3 down on bass boat trailer tire reviews mp3, boat trailer tires have air pressure ratings between 50 and 65 psi.

The recommended maximum PSI for your trailer tire will be imprinted on the sidewall. To avoid tire blowouts, it is important to always ensure the tire is inflated to its maximum psi. Boat trailer tires can last 3 - 6 years before they need to hrailer replaced. Radial tires have a longer bass boat trailer tire reviews mp3 lifespan of 40, tiree while bias bass boat trailer tire reviews mp3 trailer tires usually last 12, miles. The rule of thumb is to trailwr all the trailer tires after 5 to 6 years of service, even if they still have plenty of tread.

You may have to replace them sooner if they wear out or get damaged. When towing a boat trailer from one place to another, it is bass boat trailer tire reviews mp3 to have the right wheels and tires that can handle the weight and can get your boat to and from the water safely. About Advertise Contact Privacy Policy. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Globo Surf.

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However, this is something familiar for Radial tires. On the other hand, the enhanced shoulder design of the boat trailer tire will provide you with better heat dissipation which will result in longer tread life and even wear.

This set of 4 New Premium Grand Ride Trailer Tires is just what you need if you are looking for tires made especially for your boat trailer.

Now, this could be both an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, the fact that the tires are made for trailer use only means that they are professional tires designed precisely for your needs as a trailer driver.

On the other, if you need to get tires that are versatile and you wish to use them on some other vehicle, this will be impossible. These tires have a nylon overlay that crosses the entire tread area, which is a significant upgrade from most other units on the market. The tires are 8 Ply rated and have a D load range. Their speed rating is L- 75mph, and their rim width is 5. The max load range of a single tire is lbs, so as you can see these will be perfect for your boat trailer.

One of their disadvantages, though, is the fact that their sidewalls are not that sturdy, which is the case with most radial tires. The Carlisle Sport Trail LH Bias Trailer Tire is perfectly suitable for trailers used for utility, construction, light-duty boating, light-duty traveling and cargo hauling.

The good side is that you can use them for various things, the negative, however, is that even though it is said they feature an innovative tread design, their tread is thinner than it should be. That means that if you plan to use them with a heavy cargo, you may want to choose a different product.

The tire can offer you low rolling resistance and premium contour. The wide shoulder provides good road contact, Bass Boat Trailer Tire Pressure 12 therefore a smooth ride and excellent stability. This unit, once again, does not come with a rim. The installation of the tires is also a bit hard, and you may need a couple of hours to get the job done. The max capacity of the tire is pounds, and the recommended PSI is You can also use it for motorcycle trailers.

Their speed rating is M 81mph , so they are also suitable for highway use. The max load of a single tire is lbs so you will not have any problem moving your sailboat from point A to point B. By purchasing these units, you get a one-year warranty from the tire distributor, so even if something unexpected happens, that is not your fault, you will be calm that you have not wasted your money.

The tread depth of the tire is 0. These tires are super durable, and the only problem you may encounter is mounting. Unless you have a tire machine, you will find it challenging to install these at home due to their stiffness. These tires are meant for trailer use only and do not come with rims, but that is the case with most boat trailer tires, so you should not be troubled. The load range of the tires is C, and they are 6 Ply rated. Even if it is your first time purchasing tires online, with these tires, you will not be wrong.

The unit has only a few disadvantages: it does not come with a ram, and the sidewalls may cause you problems if you drive too fast or carry a cargo that is too heavy. However, the tire itself is made of quality materials, so if you follow the given instructions, you will not have any problems, even with the sidewalls.

The rim diameter of the tire is 13 inches, and the section width is millimeters. This product has a reasonable price for every day, light-duty use. Other characteristics are the tread depth- 0. With these, you will get a smooth towing, and your small boat trailer will perform flawlessly. Besides the fact that they are durable, the tires also look really good.

This Kenda Loadstar Bias Trailer Tire does not only look incredibly useful but is also a perfect fit for your boat trailer. The rim diameter of this tire is 10 inches; however, the unit does not come with rims.

However, this is not necessarily a disadvantage, as when you have a trailer you are not supposed to drive like a racer. This tire is an excellent choice for your boat trailer as it is durable, long-lasting, and you will have no problem with it, as long as you keep in mind its characteristics.

The capacity of a single tire is 1. The tire type is radial, so it is normal that its sidewall is not that strong. However, the unit has so many other advantages, that it is definitely an option you should consider. This tire is a high-duty one and if you look for new tires for your boat trailer, do not hesitate to try this model.

The speed rating this unit has is L, and the dread depth is 9. Another advantage this tire has is the five-year warranty, which will give you peace of mind. Besides, even if you are not a professional, the mounting of the tire is not that hard. If you look for a right, heavy-ply tire but yet you want to have a smooth ride, this would be a good option. The load range of the unit is F, with a tire weight rating of Lbs.

The tire is designed for mobile homes and low bed trailers. It is a robust, heavy-duty tire that has a dependable, sturdy nylon cord. The internal tire type is tubeless. There is some stuff you have to know about boat trailer tires , and the first one is what the main tire types are. This is also the first decision you will need to make when choosing any tire- from passenger car tires to travel trailer tires.

The two main tire types are Bias Ply and Radial construction. The main difference between these two types is the way the cord inside them is positioned. Even though nowadays Radial tires tend to be the norm, both models have advantages and disadvantages. Below you can see the main characteristics of each tire construction so you can decide on a proper type for your trailer. Just like with all good marine supplies and boats, the first thing to check before buying tires for your trailer is if the product will fit your trailer.

This info is easily obtained by looking at your trailer user manual. You can also call your dealer or simply check online.

Needless to say, what matters most is the tire size that you have to buy. Most trailers will only have a small range of tires sizes that can fit. The letters you want to memorize here are the ones between B and F. These letters designate the rating of the tire and how much load it can carry.

Starting with B, these tires can handle the lightest of weights. The F rated tires will be able to endure the most load.

It is only reasonable that long-lasting tires are also the ones that give you safety and are worth the money. For this reason, we recommend you visit a mechanic and always check the reviews a particular unit has.

This is essential, especially when buying tires online. Speaking of reviews, feel free to check out some other high-class marine supplies that we have reviewed for you. I pull it miles per weekend and hundred miles several times per year. I have Marathons on my trailer. They are two years old now and they still look good, but I haven't checked the country of origin. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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