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Jun 28, �� Got a buddy in MO a bass guy running maxxis and he loves them. I personally am running the new Carlisle HD D 8 ply rated tires for both a 21? bass and a MX. All running great. Go to AR from CO at least times a yr and run to UT in the heat had been having tire separations at least once a yr going too fast for the old style trailer tires they Bass Boat Trailer Tire Pressure 12 are only rated for 65mph. Feb 05, �� Most boat trailer tires fall under C or D. If boat trailer tires hold a C Load that means it can carry up to 1, lbs. On a single axle trailer this means that the boat trailer tires can support up to 3, lbs. This includes the weight of the trailer, the boat, the boat�s engine, as well as anything else on the boat. Actually only effects the distance from tire to fender by". Height is total height. Only one half of that total height is on each side of the axle. As far as that size goes, you are correct. The /70 is a car tire size. The /75 is a trailer tire size.

Each set of two pre-mounted tires is durable enough to handle diy fiberglass boat construction rate of miles of towing and offers great stability. Has refined tread and cooling layout Complex rubber compound makes tires stronger bass boat trailer tire reviews 32 more durable Decent price Deep groves that help expel water Gets excellent traction and grip. This product is compatible with numerous trends as well � Striper, Ranger, Alumacraft, Yamaha, Triumph, and many. This is critical! When reading sidewallsyou will notice a tier of letters and numbers that can confuse you. How to Maintain Your Trailer Tires?

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Bass Boat Trailer Tire Reviews 32