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Log in Register. Search titles. Search Advanced search�. New posts. Search forums. Your purchases. Log in. Welcome to Jetboaters. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Yamaha Wake Booster kit. Jeromy Gaudy Jet Boat Lover.

Looking for ratings and reviews of the yamaha wake are yamaha boats good for wakeboarding jobs. BigAbe75 Jetboaters Admiral. For surfing. You have to take it back off to travel at wakeboard speeds. Also, not sure it will fit on an '09 21' boat That stinks. Was hoping to use it for.

I got a Is the wave decent? Use an air pump to inflate the ballast bag and then secure the are yamaha boats good for wakeboarding jobs with ropes before filling bag with water. As you fill the bag with water open the air Right on man. Thanks for all the info. Gives me plenty to think. I have heard of all the other wake brands but tha helps.

We may just stick to wakeboards till I can upgrade. But I'm sure the boys and wife will make that decision for me. Stevenpigsooie Jet Boat Junkie. Great to learn on and fun to ride. Whisky Jet Boat Addict. We are running it on a X and feel it definitely does make a differenice, with the board and all, we feel it was worth it.

Is it a miracle worker, no, but definitely a marked improvement. We run it with just the stock ballast for now, once we add some additional weight, I am confident it will be even more awesome. Right on. That's the boat I wanted but we went with the s ltd so we have no ballast.

Jeromy Gaudy said:. Thnx for the info. I get that. You'll get all 3 of them riding and that will be a blast. My 7yr old tried last year toward the end of the season. He'll get it down this year, I'm sure. We've got a 4yr old, as. She'll ride the tube with mom a little, so far. Not quite ready for other stuff. Edit: I bought this little board last year for my then 6yr old. Might be a tad small for your crew.

It's going to get a lot of use this year I hope. Here's my take, although on a smaller boat AR I have 2x lbs bags and 1x lb bag along with Yamaha's wake booster. I prefer with the Yamaha WakeEnhancer installed.

I can install it easily from the transom or from the water. My total time from start to ready to surf is under 10 minutes including ballast and the WakeEnhancer. So far, I don't have a wave I can surf ropeless with my 58" board. I'm are yamaha boats good for wakeboarding jobs. My wife and daughter haven't tried yet, but I'm pretty sure they'll be ok on the existing wave. I kind of feel that Yamaha oversold the 19ft kit with 2x lbs as being surfable.

Maybe with a 6ft board? How much fun would that be? There's no replacement for displacement Not only is lateral weight important, but getting some weight right on the transom seems to make a big difference.

Funny thing, I'm regular and if the boat does are yamaha boats good for wakeboarding jobs gentle right turn the wave gets much bigger and I can just about get rid of the rope.

Wakesurf video clip The WakeEnhancer does clean up the wake a lot and makes the face a Are Yamaha Boats Good 71 little steeper and perhaps a hair less tall. Having tried with and without, I was closer to going ropeless with Are Yamaha Boats Good For Wakesurfing Price it installed.

My next test will be lbs on the transom Yamaha custom bag lbs and then gradually fill the lbs in the ski locker to see how that impacts performance. I don't have much crew weight in the boat. These are not dedicated surf boats and I don't expect a hip high wave I just want enough that the family can have fun. We use the boat for many other activities.

This ain't my brother's Tige! My advise: get the ballast and are yamaha boats good for wakeboarding jobs pump. Wakesurf boards are like downhill skis. There is such a thing as too big or too small. If you can, try to borrow one before you buy.

I've noticed some shops will now allow you to try a board and exchange it if it doesn't work. You might pay a little more but I think it's well worth it. Also, don't forget about a rack. You don't want anyone chipping Are Jon Boats Good For Fishing 60 or denting any of those expensive boards. Speed makes a huge difference. I'm waiting for a Ridesteady Hydrophase to come in. Even for wakeboarding, it's hard to maintain a consistent speed with a relatively small displacement jet boat.

It sucks when the boat pull changes just as your about to hit the wake. When I was younger I could maintain 36mph plus or minus nothing through a slalom course with a lb skier thanks to the LT1 engine hp, 5. With these jet boats, it's much harder to maintain a consistent speed. Last edited: Apr 14, NorCalDutch Member. We have a x. Just off the phone with Yamaha who couldnt tell me if the Wake Booster is compatible with that year.


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Jul 26, �� I�m on Lake Norman and there are $k wake boats everywhere. I Are Moombas Good Boats For Sale am a Yamaha PWC dealer and wanted to support my brand so I bought the Limited SE. We bought it just to chill but my 16 and 17 yr old daughters wanted to try surfing. I paid for a 2 hr lesson behind a Nautique and then started researching how to surf behind the Yamaha.

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Are Yamaha Boats Good For Wakeboarding Jobs