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See more ideas about most expensive yacht, expensive yachts, yacht.� Luxury yachts The Most Expensive Boats Brand 100 are stunning boats with dozens of rooms and modern amenities, but the most expensive yachts in the world are in the league of their own, so prepare to see grand mansions floating in the sea. Take for example the ft Streets of Monaco (featured above), which costs a staggering $1 billion when built. The top 10 most expensive pools around the world are some pretty impressive structures. Check out these top 10 most expensive pools.� By building the world's most expensive or most luxurious pool, developers and resort owners are drawing crowds who are looking to experience the latest and most exciting attractions in the world. Advertisement. So what makes a pool expensive, anyway?� That's because this pool is large enough to sail a boat in, and if you swim its entire length, you'd cover 8/10ths of a mile ( km). Measuring more than 20 acres (8 hectares), the San Alfonso is 6, times larger than your average hotel pool and was named the largest pool in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records in [source: Crystal Lagoons]. Need help with your Boat? Send us a message using the form below for expert help from our team! * * * * * Comments.� Solid. Gold. At $ billion, the History Supreme, owned by Robert Knok, is the world�s most expensive, largest superyacht in the whole world. At feet in length, History Supreme took three years to build, using 10, kilograms of solid gold and platinum, both of which adorn the dining area, deck, rails, staircases, and anchor. If that weren�t luxurious enough, the master suite features a meteorite rock wall, a statue made of Tyrannosaurus Rex bones, a 68 kg carat gold Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium, and a liquor bottle adorned with a rare carat diamond.

A luxury yacht is not just a mode of transportation, but a symbol of wealth and status symbol, that can only be afforded by the wealthy billionaires of the world. The most luxurious yachts worldwide offer extravagant features like movie helipads, theatres, concert halls, multiple swimming pools, saunas and hot tubs. Made of solid gold, The History Supreme, is the most expensive yacht in the world and is reportedly owned by Malaysia's richest man, Robert Knok.

It took 3 years for the feet long yacht to have been built, using 10, kilograms of solid gold and platinum and is designed by the renowned luxury designer from the UK, Stuart Hughes. The gold and platinum adorn the yacht from its base to the dining area, deck, rails, staircase and anchor. The most extravagant aspect of the luxury yacht is its master bedroom that with a wall feature made from meteorite rock and a statue made from genuine Tyrannosaurus Rex bones.

The master suite is adorned with a 68 kg carat gold Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium and a liquor bottle featuring a rare The second largest yacht in the world, Eclipse, is owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Besides having an intruder detection system missile detection system, the yacht features 2 helipads, 24 guest cabins, a disco hall, two swimming pools and hot tubs. The feet long yacht also has mini-submarine that is capable of submerging upto 50 metres underwater.

The master bedroom and the bridge of the yacht are fitted with armour plating and bulletproof windows. The yacht also features an anti-paparazzi shield which consists of lasers sweeping the surrounding areas. Featuring miniatures of the renowned landmarks of Monaco like Monte Carlo Casino, Hotel de Paris, Ca Rascasse and a beach like swimming pool, Streets of Monaco, is a feet long yacht and can be described as a floating city.

The exteriors of it have been designed by Opulent Yacht, while the interiors have been done by Filthy Rich Boaters. The luxurious suite that the yacht has on offer is spread over three floors and features a private elevator, an office, a living room, balconies and sundecks with jacuzzis.

Besides this, it also consists of seven guest suites with reception rooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms, and balconies attached to them. The yacht also features barbecue facility, a mini waterfall, a gorgeous cafe-bar that provides an underwater view, helicopters and submarines.

Rumored to be owned by a member of the royal family of the UAE , Azzam, according to its makers is the most complex and challenging yacht to have ever been made. The feet long yacht is said to be one of the fastest with a speed of 35 kmph. French interior decorator Christophe Leoni has designed the sophisticated interiors, while the exteriors of it have been designed by Nauta Yacht. It features two gas turbines and two diesel engines with a total power of kW and is capable 10 Most Expensive Boats 5g of travelling at high speed in both warm and shallow water.

Reportedly owned by Russian tycoon Andrey Melnichenko, the luxury yacht of Motor Yacht A, is reminiscent of a Most Expensive Pontoon Boats 2020 Top stealth warship or submarine and has been constructed by Architect Martin Francis and designed by Philippe Stark. It has been built by Blohm and Voss shipyard in Kiel and can accommodate 14 guests and 42 crew members. The interiors of the feet long yacht extend over 24, sqft and feature a 2, sqft master bedroom and disco, along with six guest suites, that have moving walls in order to convert them into four large staterooms.

Mirrored surfaces adorning the interiors and furniture, glassware and tableware made of French crystal, add to the luxury aspect of the yacht. It also features a helicopter hanger, a 30 feet speedboat as well as 3 swimming pool, one of them being glass bottomed and situated directly above the disco which the yacht has on offer. Another extravagant yacht which is also rumoured to be owned by a member of the royal family of the UAE, Dubai , is feet when it comes to its size.

It has been built by Blohm and Voss. The exteriors of it have been designed by Andrew Winch, while its interiors have been designed by Platinum Yachts. Featuring a mosaic swimming pool, circular staircase, helipad, sunbathing areas and a number of jacuzzis, the superyacht can accommodate guests, including the crew members. The interiors of the yacht are dominated by bold colours, while its deck features a split-level owner's deck, a large social area and lounge, a number of VIP areas and guests suites.

Al Said is rumoured to be owned by a member of the royal family of Oman and is reportedly the world's highest displacement superyacht with a displacement of tons and a length of The yacht can host upto 70 guests along with crew members and features a concert hall that can accommodate a piece orchestra.

It enjoys a speed of 47 kmph. Known to have been built for Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, Dilbar, is built at the German Lurssen Shipyard and enjoys a speed of 42 kmph. Having a displacement steel hull with an aluminum superstructure, the yacht can host 40 guests and more than 80 crew members. One of most exclusive aspect about Dilbar is the swimming pool that it has on offer, as is known to be the largest superyacht pool. Besides the pool, the yacht offers two helipads and its living space spans across 3, square metres.

Built in Germany by Peters Schiffban Wewelsfleth. The architect behind this luxury creation is Tim Heywood and it has been designed by Andrew Winch. The yacht is made of steel and has a length of Enjoying a speed of Besides this, Al Mirqab also offers a cinema, an indoor swimming pool, outdoor bars, jacuzzis, space to have Most Expensive Pontoon Boats 2019 10 a sunbath, a helipad along with a wide option of watersports equipment.

It can host upto 25 guests and 55 crew members. Built by Blohm and Voss in Germany, the yacht is plated with gold and can accommodate upto 30 guests and 60 crew members. The name of the yacht on its exterior is also made of carat gold lettering, making it unique in its own way. The other extravagant features which Lady Moura has on offer include a swimming pool with retractable roof, a helicopter and a Viscount Linley dining table of 75 feet.

Adding to the uniqueness of the yacht, it offers a unique sand-covered hydraulic platform, sliding out of one side of it and can be adjusted to sit at the waterline. More: Most Expensive. Q4 is best performing quarter of with AED 9. Portfolio Press Release: Is this the most expensive home in Dubai? Portfolio Most expensive apartments in Dubai in Lets have a look at the top ten of the most expensive yachts in the world. Photo Credit: Wikipedia. Villa in District One 7 bedrooms Price on Application.

Villa in Signature Villas 7 bedrooms Unavailable. Villa in Dubai Hills Grove 6 bedrooms Unavailable.

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